How To Host A Program?

How to Host a DreamCricket Clinic?

To assist Rotary Clubs and Districts that wish to develop DreamCricket in their community, we have created a manual that contains organisational details, requirements/recommendations for conducting a DreamCricket clinic. We have included contact details as well as additional assistance and advice.

Wherever possible we provide a trained DreamCricket coach for the initial clinic. The coach will train a suitable volunteer to assist in future clinics. Click on icon at the bottom of the page to download a pdf version of the DreamCricket clinic manual.

How to Host a DreamCricket Gala Day?

A DreamCricket Gala Day is a wonderful way for the children to show-off their new found skills. The festive atmosphere of a Gala Day creates a positive buzz in the community. The children with special needs that have learned new sporting skills have a fabulous time demonstrating what they can do.

We have conducted numerous DreamCricket Gala Days Australia wide and internationally. Please contact us for further details.

"The program itself is great fun and community inclusive as participants and supervisors are guided by volunteers of all ages and abilities." Hon John Howard OM AC

DreamCricket Training Manual

Please find two volumes of the Dream Cricket training manual here:

  Volume 1 Dream Cricket Training Manual – 2017 Volume 1

  Volume 2 DreamCricket Activity Guide – 2017 Volume 2