Shirley Mahon

Shirley Mahon, Hon Secretary & Treasurer

Rotary Club Cleveland

Just wanted to say a very heartfelt thanks to you all for making today such a success!

It really makes me feel that we are doing what Rotary is meant to be doing, in OUR community – helping those less fortunate than ourselves, for whatever reason. The smiles on the faces of the children, carers and staff, and of course the Alexandra Hills State High School kids – they were superb!

Many thanks to the tireless work and leadership of Rick and Kevin – we will go on from here from strength to strength in the Redlands I am sure, bringing this program to other children at other schools in the area. The first of those is Bayview, and it is a coincidence and pleasure for me that the teacher who will be co-ordinating it there is an old friend, Brent, who introduced me to the Balmoral club back in 1999.

Again my thanks
Shirley Mahon