DreamCricket is a not-for-profit program for primary aged students with special needs.

DreamCricket values sponsorship because it offers the all-important financial support we may not find elsewhere. This allows us to concentrate on providing a quality program to primary students with special needs instead of worrying about money. That said, sponsorship does not necessarily require money. It can involve the provision of services, goods, administrative support or marketing assistance in return for branding.

Sponsorship is one of the more visible forms of community-business partnership. It can provide a good basis for a partnership because there is real give-and-take, with both parties doing a little to reap rewards for themselves and for their partner.

Each DreamCricket sponsorship is unique, flexible and is bespoke to each of its partners. It is important to realise that sponsorship is not a handout or a simple donation. Sponsorship requires work with the understanding that both partners have a role to play. The sponsorship must benefit your operations and DreamCricket.

For your business, sponsorship offers the opportunity to publicise the organisation's name through its association with DreamCricket, raising its profile and image within the community, Australia and internationally.

We would appreciate your assistance.